Streets of New York 2 (1994)

Country: USA
Genre: Straight, Outdoor, Public
Language: English
Translation: Original
Directed by: Neville Chambers, Rick Savage

Starring: Megan Moore, Jessica James, Michelle Gabriel, Merlina Froehlich, Rick Savage

Description: This series has garnered praise for both the derring of its doing of the do — most of the sex is shot right out in the open on the streets of the Big Apple — and for the consistent heat conjured by the performers. Things kick off in Brooklyn right next to the East River when host Rick Savage and Megan have at it in broad daylight and then finish up in an abandoned trailer. Megan gets that all-too-rare-in-most-porn-productions look on her face of genuine sexual enjoyment during the bout, and the action is correspondingly feverish. Similar scenes star Michelle Gabrielle and Jessica James, except in each of these, the performers are interrupted by passers by, and on one occasion Rick suspects that a guy who keeps hanging around may be a vice cop. In each of these scenes the threat of getting caught is an obvious turn on for the performers, and cranks up the heat considerably for the viewer as well. A perfect choice for those with taste for exhibitionism.

Rick Savage:
"With the coming of the 90's I began directing both porn and fetish videos. Directing was the natural path for me to take. I needed that total freedom to be creative, get kinky sometimes. Just to do whatever the fuck I wanted. One of the results of that freedom was my very popular "Streets of New York" series. One year, the series was the top-selling series in all of Europe. It was lots of fun. Sex, outdoors, in New York City."

Quality: VHSRip
Video: DivX5, 720x576, 24bpp, 25.000 fps, 1564.8 kbps
Sound: MPEG Audio Layer 3, 44100 Hz, 2 ch, 128.0 kbps

Duration: 01:54:52
Size: 1.37 GiB

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